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SaaS Vendor Risk Assessments

Helping SMBs overcome limited resources to conduct thorough, affordable, actionable SaaS Vendor Risk Assessments

Get Your SaaS Vendor Selections Right the First Time

e-Book Find Your Cloud 9

e-Book: Performing proper due diligence on SaaS vendors

Whether you have already invested in a SaaS solution or plan to, you know the advantages your SMB can gain migrating your LOB applications to a SaaS provider.

This e-Book doesn’t tout the benefits cited in SaaS marketing. Instead, it addresses the pitfalls of choosing such a strategic partner without proper due diligence.

Download this e-book to learn the most critical factors, and common pitfalls to avoid, to ensure the smoothest SaaS migration possible.

"If you don't have time to do it right the first time, how will you ever find time to do it right a second time?"

That quote from a former colleague aptly describes the dilemma many small businesses and their IT departments face in selecting Software as a Service Providers that gain significant control over their operations.


In a 2024 Gartner study on Software Buyers Regret, 59% of small business decision-makers said the financial blow from a poor software selection they have recently made will significantly impact long-term business performance.

As owner of a Managed IT Services firm for 20 years, I know too well that comparing features and benefits doesn't constitute "due diligence" for critical SaaS vendors.

But, performing a proper VRA on those providers requires due diligence that many SMBs and their IT departments don't have the time, knowledge and financial resources to conduct in-house.


Based on his four decades in Journalism and IT, EDM Info Pro owner Eric Magill has built an affordable, modular, Done-for-You VRA program that delivers proprietary, actionable information for your SaaS decisions, without taking employees off task, the first time.

This ensures that such significant partners have the stability, reputation and corporate culture to ensure a good working relationship, in addition to the solution you need to propel your business forward.

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