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Frequently Asked Questions

About EDM Info Pro Services

How Much Do You Charge?

We charge two ways depending on the type of project:

  1. Hourly + Third Party Fees with a Capped Budget
  2. Flat Project Fee for the entire project 
How Long Does it Take to Complete a Project?

Turn-around time depends on the complexity of the project and difficulty in obtaining the information desired. We will agree on the deadline at the time we discuss your needs.

Why Should I Pay You When I Can Search Myself?

Searching Google, DuckDuckGo and other search engines comprises only a part of my research for you. I dig beyond the World Wide Web -- offline as well as online -- and skirt the minefields of Internet propaganda and inaccuracies to find credible answers and solutions to your questions and problems from experts and reputable sources. I strive to provide you with the most confidential, timely and accurate information possible so you can confidently use it in your organization's decision-making.