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My Ethics as an Information Professional

When you trust your organization's most valuable asset to a third party you need to be sure that your Information will be handled with the utmost Confidentiality, Integrity and be readily Available.

I therefore promise to abide by the Professional Standards of the Association of Independent Information Professionals and adhere to the following concepts of Information management based on more than 20 years of handling my client's Information:


I pledge to protect your information from prying eyes by implementing best security practices when handling your data. I also pledge to provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement governing our relationship and stipulating that confidential information we exchange with each other will not be disclosed to outside parties or publicly.


I pledge that all information I obtain on your behalf will be the most current, accurate, impartial information from the most credible sources possible and that I will not materially change the tone or meaning of the information so that you can confidently use it in your decision-making.


I pledge that I will make Information obtained on your behalf available to you by our agreed-upon deadline, upon request if possible, or in an otherwise timely manner in the format and media you have requested.

I also Pledge to:

  • Complete projects within the budget and time frame provided we agree upon
  • Show the sources of the information I use and their degree of reliability
  • Follow the principle of "one-time use" of copyrighted materials
  • Recognize the Intellectual Property Rights of all parties
  • Respect licensing agreements and other contracts and explain what your obligations might be regarding those agreements
  • Accept only projects that are legal and not detrimental to myself, to you my client, and to independent information professionals

    For more information on how we intend to interact with each other, our clients, vendors, colleagues, local community and the world at large, see our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Let's Talk About Your Project

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